Knives Out 2 started filming in Greece

Rian Johnson has announced filming has begun on Knives Out 2. The former Star Wars: The last Jedi director who got nominated for Best Screenplay for his work on the first installment of Knives out, twitted a photo of a camera with the see as background writing: “Aaaaaaaand WE’RE OFF! Day one of filming on the next Benoit Blanc mystery. […]

Natural Light (Berlinale review)

1943, World War II. A long winter is about to begin in the endless territories of the occupied Soviet Union. István Semetka is part of a special Hungarian unit tasked with travelling from village to village looking for partisan groups. One day, while heading towards a remote village, the company falls under enemy fire and their commander is killed. As […]

Ballad of a white cow – Berlinale review

Mina’s life is turned upside down when she learns that her husband Babak was innocent of the crime for which he was executed. The authorities apologise for the mistake and offer the prospect of financial compensation. Mina starts a silent battle against a cynical system for her own and her daughter’s sake. Just as her money is running out, a […]

Petite Maman (Berlinale review)

Eight-year-old Nelly has just lost her beloved grandmother and is helping her parents clean out her mother’s childhood home. She explores the house and the surrounding woods where her mum, Marion, used to play and where she built the treehouse Nelly has heard so much about. One day her mother suddenly leaves. That is when Nelly meets a girl of […]

Fabian – Going to the Dogs / Fabian oder Der Gang vor die Hunde (Berlinale review)

In this new film by Dominik Graf, we visit Berlin in the early 30’s. A period of shine for the underworld of the metropolis, where brothels are artists’ studios, Nazis are yelling abuse in the streets and Babelsberg is dreaming of producing “psychological cinema”. Our protagonist is the idealist Jakob Fabian. Everybody knows him with his last name, something his […]

Mr Bachmann and his class – a must see educational film study (Berlinale review)

Where does one feel at home? In Stadtallendorf, a German city with a complex history of both excluding and integrating foreigners, genial teacher Dieter Bachmann offers his pupils the key to at least feeling as if they are at home. Aged between twelve and fourteen, these pupils come from twelve different nations; some have not quite mastered the German language. […]

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