One Year, One Night – the Bataclan tragedy lives on its survivors (Berlinale review)

Céline and Ramón are a young binational couple who survived the terrorist attack at the Bataclan theatre on November 13, 2015. That harrowing night has left an open wound in their lives and they are struggling to regain a sense of normality and move beyond the identity they have been assigned as survivors of the attack. While Céline has repressed […]

Un été comme ça / That Kind of Summer (Berlinale review)

Three hypersexual women are spending 26 days in a quiet house by the lake on an experimental program that tries to analyze their sexual experiences. They are: Léonie (serious), Eugénie (impulsive) and Gaëlle aka Geisha (flirtatious). All three are here voluntarily. They are being supervised by a social worker and, less closely, by a therapist. The motto of the undertaking: […]

Les passagers de la nuit (Berlinale review)

Paris, 1981. François Mitterrand has just won the presidency. People are on the streets. But Élisabeth (Charlotte Gainsbourg) struggles to share the general mood of optimism. Her marriage is coming to an end and she will now have to support her family. She is distraught, and her father and teenage children are worried that her tears simply will not dry. […]

Alle reden übers Wetter / Talking About the Weather (Berlinale 2022 Panorama)

Clara lives in modern day Berlin where she is writing a PhD dissertation in philosophy. She’s originally from the former East Germany province of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern where her mother still lives. She’s 39 years old and has a teenage daughter who’s living with ex-husband and his wife. Her everyday struggles include her academic writing,  discussions  with her moody and strange supervisor,  […]

Coma – review of the latest Bertrand Bonello that premiered in Encounters

Bertrand Bonello’s daughter has just turned 18. But the moment this young adult officially begins to “spread her wings” coincides with a global health crisis. Locked indoors, she experiences life in a state of limbo. In between reveries and video chats with her friends, she follows an influencer named Patricia Coma. A device she buys from her, called a “revelator”, […]

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