Introducing Silver Screen Log

Introducing Silver Screen Log

This is a film blog, but it’s also like therapy for me. Film was always my passion, from the time that I was growing up in a small island that had no cinema at the time I was 12, making me so disappointed. After a decade of, one of the biggest sites for cinema in Greece, I decided the time has come to move to the English language, ergo Silver Screen Log.

This is a log. A log of my reviews on films I (mostly) enjoy, a film festival log from my travels to Festivals, with opinion pieces on cinema and society, hence the therapy part. I will not stress myself on quantity on this platform, so there might be times that will feel a little more silent that usual, but also others that I will be totally invested in this. Goal apart from my personal log, is for you all to have a touch with good cinema, get film and tv suggestions and hopefully to think a little bit on an extra level on what you see, what to expect, where the industry and art is going.

I live for quite some time now to Berlin, so expect a lot of Berlinale, Berlin/German cinema and of course Greek and other European mainly cinema, along with some dosage of Tv reviews.

So let the log start.

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